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Leadership And Retirement

Are you uncertain about whether you’re ready for retirement? Concerned about what you’d do with your free time? Worried retirement will make you feel irrelevant? Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed with the entire idea of retirement.

Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC has been in the retirement coaching field for years and is here to help you through the process of transition. We invite you to contact us at (703) 742-6048 to assume a proactive approach to your retirement, plan for the aspects of retirement that seem overwhelming to you, and obtain a seamless transition.

Expert Planning for an Empowered Retirement

Amidst the presence of a career, there are several ways you may have measured your personal success, such as designation, pay or feedback from coworkers and managers. In retirement, such gauges become non-existent. This can pose as a difficult and inconvenient scenario for some people when they lose such guideposts. Indeed, depression is a conventional symptom of retirement for many a leader embarking on this transition.

At this juncture, it is important to understand what you denote success to. Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC will empower your retirement by helping you craft a tailored plan based on fundamentals of what makes you tick. It is almost a liberating thought to learn you can put your unexplored objectives in life to task in this time. We will assist you in pinpointing the goals that matter most to your health and empowerment, so you begin to learn and define your personal success depending on a whole new set of gauges.

Have a Happy Retirement with Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC

Leaving the world of work and business can be a daunting experience. It is a time filled with changes, and like most life transitions, your retirement will be a more successful endeavor if you have a plan laid out for it.

At Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC, we will help you reach the goal of happiness in your retirement. We will work alongside you through a series of coaching sessions to explore and pin down attainable goals that will bring a purpose back into your life.

Experienced Retirement Coaching

Even though we don’t realize it, our work meets a variety of our basic human needs. Aside from getting a pay cheque, a job supplies us with a sense of purpose and meaning, gives a structure to our day, and gives us opportunities to connect with people and form deep relationships. When you retire, these are a few spots where you will begin to find a void.

At Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC, our experienced retirement coaching focuses on the challenges of your transition and, even more importantly, the opportunities of retirement. We will assist you in making the most out of this phase of your life. We will help you draw up a customized plan for effective mental, physical, social and spiritual changes to take place during your retirement, so you build healthy habits, discover new passions in life and create new relationships or rekindle forgotten ones.

Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC Will Guide You
Through the Next Chapter of Your Life

Retirement is the chance to perceive your life in a whole new light and grasp new dreams. Perhaps it’s continuing to work at a job you are passionate about but on your schedule, or maybe its devoting time to a cause close to your heart.

If you are heading into retirement, let Coach Bob Metcalfe LLC be your guide to a healthy and happy future. Dial (703) 742-6048 to get our expert help on your side.

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